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effective, especially in developing countries. The modern state-of-the-art pharmaceutical formulation facility produces Eye Drops, Retinal products, Viscoelastics, Ophthalmic Dyes and Antiseptics and Disinfectants.

Aurolab has received the prestigious CE mark certification for HPMC and Trypan Blue, Perfluoro-n-octane, Silicon Oil and Brilliant Blue G. The World Health Organization (WHO) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification was awarded to the division, confirming that all AUROLAB pharmaceutical products are made in compliance with international standards.

Retinal Products Cataract Surgical Products Eye Drops
Aurosil - Silicon Oil 1000cSt

Aurogel - Sodium Hyaluronate
Eye Drops List
Aurosil Plus - Silicon Oil 5000 cSt
Aurovisc - HPMC Vozole - Vozole for eye drops
Auro Octane - Per Fluoro Octane  Auroblue - Trypan Blue Auroprost - Latanoprost
Aurocort - Triamcinolone acetonide Aurocarpine - Pilocarpine Nitrate Aurocaine - Proparacaine HCL
Aurogreen - Indocyanine Green    
Ocublue Plus - Brilliant blue G solution    
Retiblue - Trypan BlueFlures -    
Fluorescein Injection    
Retinal Products Cataract Surgical Products
Auroscrub - Chlorhexidine gluconate solution E - Kit – Endophthalmitis Kit Goniogel
Aurorub - Chlorhexidine gluconate & 2-propanol solution
Vozole PF – Anti Fungal Injection
Aurodone DS – Provodine Iodine solution  Preservative free gonioscopic gel
Instruclean – Cetrimide & Chlorhexidine gluconate Auroclean - Surface cleaning agent for spectacles
Microl F - Benzalkonium chloride  
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Intraocular lenses
 - Aurolab
 - Eye Kon
                - PMMA
                - Hydrophilic
 - AMO

Micro Surgical Blades
 - Shah Sharp
 - Sharpedge

 - Aurolab
 - AMO
 - Sunyan

Vitro Retinal Products
 - Aurolab
 - Micromed

Surgical instrument
 - Sharpedge

Suture Needles

Special Products
 - Micromed
 - Aurolab