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Sutures Wide range of quality retinal surgery sutures
Aurolase The user friendly green laser for retinal photocoagulation
Pegasus Phacoemulsification cum Vitrectomy System
Retieye Retieye - Practice tool for Retinal photocoagulation and In-direct ophthalmoscopy
Aurosil and Aurosil plus Silicone oil for retinal detachment surgeries
Aurooctane A CE certified hydrocarbon liquid for retinal detachment surgeries
Aurocort Widely used preservative free anti- inflammory injection
OCUBLUE PLUS (Brilliant blue G solution), RETIBLUE (Trypan Blue), AUROGREEN (Indocyanine Green) & FLURES (Fluorescein Injection) are the dyes used in diagnostic purpose and retinal treatments.
E - Kit Endophthalmitis Kit
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Intraocular lenses
 - Aurolab
 - Eye Kon
                - PMMA
                - Hydrophilic
 - AMO

Micro Surgical Blades
 - Shah Sharp
 - Sharpedge

 - Aurolab
 - AMO
 - Sunyan

Vitro Retinal Products
 - Aurolab
 - Micromed

Surgical instrument
 - Sharpedge

Suture Needles

Special Products
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