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    These products are manufactured according to the specific need. The     main idea is to provide quality need specific product at an affordable     price.

Ophthalmic Suture Cardiac Sutures
Aurokit Cataract surgery kit
•Retieye Practice tool for Retinal photocoagulation and In-direct ophthalmoscopy
•Tension rings CTR, CTS, Cionni
•Aurosling For frontalis suspension
•Aurolac Lacrimal incubation set for DCR surgery
•AuroKPro Artificial cornea
•Goniogel Preservative free gonioscopic gel
•Auroclean Surface cleaning agent for spectacles
•Aurosphere For Enucleation and Evisceration procedure
•Aurostent For canalicular laceration treatment
•E - Kit Endophthalmitis Kit
•Vozole - PF Anti Fungal Injection
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Intraocular lenses
 - Aurolab
 - Eye Kon
                - PMMA
                - Hydrophilic
 - AMO

Micro Surgical Blades

 - Shah Sharp
 - Sharpedge


 - Aurolab
 - AMO
 - Sunyan

Vitro Retinal Products

 - Aurolab
 - Micromed


Surgical instrument
 - Sharpedge


Suture Needles

Special Products

 - Micromed
 - Aurolab